$40 Professionals

Per entry

$10 Students

Per entry


Entrant categories for both students and professionals

01 Advertising Campaign

Single or multiple pieces in one particular campaign

02 Integrated Brand System1

Series of mixed elements created to support a brand. Examples might include logo, identity, advertising, animation, web, signage, etc.

03 Announcements
+ Invitations

Published announcement or invitation

04 Book Design

Complete bound book unit

05 Collateral

Single piece: brochure, booklet, folder, catalog, annual report, internal and corporate pieces, leave behind

06 Editorial Design

Print or e-magazine, single or multiple spreads

07 Environmental Graphics

Billboard, interior/exterior building signage, exhibits or vehicle graphics, trade show booth

08 Identity Mark

Symbol, logotype and/or trademark

09 Identity System

Application of a logo used in business cards, letterhead, envelope, etc.

10 Illustration

Flat, dimensional, or digital illustrations

11 Video Spot1

Any length video spot used for advertising

12 Photography

Single or multiple pieces in one particular campaign

13 Poster Design

Single or series

14 Sales Promotion

Package design, point-of-purchase or direct mail

15 Self-promotion

Self-promotional materials

16 Online/interactive1

Website design (sites must currently be online), mobile app, vr or ar

17 Digital Campaign

Single or multi-piece digital ad campaign or social media campaign

18 Animation

Animated video, spot, ad, etc.

19 Miscellaneous

Published work that doesn’t fit into one of the categories. I.E. Merch, wearables, murals, etc.

20 Unpublished2

Unpublished work created with a graphic application in mind

1 for online and video categories, please type the url into the submission form. A jpg file with thumbnails is required with each entry. Websites & videos must currently be online. If a password is required to view, add in the notes area when submitting.

2 professional submissions only. Unpublished work is not eligible for the best of show award.



All work entered must have been created after February of 2023. Credits and awards will be compiled from information submitted exactly as listed on the online entry form. Information must be complete and accurate. ADAI is not responsible for incorrect information. All submissions must be paid through the website.

Title each jpeg entry exactly as follows:

example: 16_metadesign_movieposter.jpg


example: 16_harrystyles_movieposter.jpg

Please exclude any special characters from the title and file name of your entries. Entries named incorrectly will not be eligible. Please submit one jpeg file per project entry. You may include an overall and detail shot in your image file if you wish. Your submissions will be used to create a slideshow presentation for judging and each entry will get only one slide. Winners will be notified via email prior to the show. Non-winners will not be notified. Winners can find out how many/what entries qualified at the exhibition.

Suggestions for successful entries:
Multiple pages/items: combine into one organized layout. For books, editorial layouts, and collateral, you may want to include a closeup of typographic detail. It is not necessary to include every page or spread. For visual reference, view our previous year’s exhibition winners.


Image width: 3820 pixels
Image height: 2160 pixels
Max file size: 10 MB
File format: JPEG


Students and professional entries will be judged and awarded separately. Every entry accepted into the show, including both students and professionals, will receive an Award of Excellence. For each category, an entry may be recognized with a Best of Category award. A Best of Show award will be given to one entry selected from the Best of Category award winners. The Best of Show award will only be awarded to published work. Each judge will choose an entry to be recognized with a Judges Choice award. ADAI will provide one award to each “best of” selection. Duplicate awards may be available for an additional fee

Entries Due

FEBRUARY 23. 2024



Per Entry



Per Entry